CGS(Pvt.)Ltd Working Process

  • Analysis - Having agreed an outline proposal, we will undertake a more detailed analysis of your needs, using a range of appropriate methods. This could involve face-to-face or telephone interviews with relevant staff, or observing teams at work.

  • Recommendations - We will present our suggestions based on the results of the needs analysis. This usually includes specifying objectives, methods of delivery and evaluation criteria, as well as outlining more detailed costings.

  • Services Agreement - We will design our services to meet agreed objectives and using the most appropriate approach for your situation.

  • Delivery We are committed to achieving tangible results. We will therefore ensure that all agreed services are delivered according to specified objectives and quality standards.

  • Evaluation We will produce a detailed evaluation of the overall project including analysis of objectives achieved, and any suggested future requirements.

  • Follow-up We will either agree follow-up activities at the outset, or they may be agreed as a result of recommendations made at the evaluation stage. These might include:

  • On-going mentoring
  • Progress analysis/reports
  • Delivery of further courses.
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