From The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    It is a matter of great pleasure for me and my colleagues that after long mutual efforts, we have established Career Guide Services (pvt.) Limited in Pakistan. In this consultancy institute, we provide equal chances to our students to start their career irrespective of gender and of religious, social, ethnic or linguistic background. I am very confident to say that this CGS (Pvt) Ltd. will set a prosperous mile stone in student future life.

    At CGS (Pvt) Ltd., we offer all sort of training/guidelines from office working to field working with the collaboration of different training institute & well reputed department with in Pakistan and Abroad. It is pertinent to mention that after getting basic training through CGS (Pvt) Ltd.; any one (male/female) can enjoy good salary with other free incentives like messing, medical, insurance, accommodation, bonus, etc.

    At the end, I would like to emphasize that our students and other seekers have capability to build their prosperous track of life to meet all economic challenges of life and perform a leading role in their families. I wish CGS (Pvt) Ltd. all the best in future.

    Malik Muhammad Javed
    Cheif Executive Officer (CEO),
    Career Guide Services (pvt.) Limited,

From The General Manager International Marketing

    I am very pleased to say that CGS (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the best consultancy institute in the region which promote ideas for youth towards progressive and comfortable life. It is the basic need to have all living facilities available at door step of every citizen. We all should participate in the educational / training activities and pay our role for others. At CGS (Pvt) Ltd., we have taken very serious step to improve the life standard of a common man through education, training and guidance for placement of job with in country & abroad.

    After long thinking and discussion, we have chosen this platform for our youth to start their career. We are committed to provide a quality education/training of highest standard within our resources/cultural framework. We also aim to provide quality training through friendly and supportive environment bringing benefit to our students, their family and community.

    CGS (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to excellence in what we do for the people by using a tool of development & deliver the policies & programs they need.

    Abid Malik
    General Manager International Marketing,
    Career Guide Services (pvt.) Limited,

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