Q. What is registration procedure?
    R. Very simple, just click on “RIGISTRATION” and fill the Form.

    Q. How many registration fee/charges?
    R. Registration with CGS(pvt.)Ltd is totally free.

    Q. What is the function layout of CGS(pvt.)Ltd?
    R. Visit our web site www.cgsl.asia and click on “Working Process”.

    Q. Is CGS(pvt.)Ltd, a registered establishment?
    R. Yes; registered with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under company ordinance 1984.

    Q. What is the job guarantee after getting requisite consultancy/training through CGS(pvt.) Ltd?
    R. We only provide a tool of knowledge & guidance that assist to get the right job.

    Note: If you have any question; feel free to ask please.
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